The School Day

Organisation of the School Day

School Hours:

  • 9am – 10.30am
  • 10.45am- 12.30pm
  • 1.30pam – 3.15pm

School Uniform

We encourage all pupils to wear school uniform. This helps to instill a sense of pride and team spirit within our school. Sweat shirt orders are processed in the summer term.
School uniform consists of – school sweatshirt with school logo, white polo shirt, dark school skirt or trousers, dark school shoes(children should not wear high heeled shoes as these cause safety concerns) and indoor shoes. We appreciate your co-operation in support of this.

Sweatshirts are priced at £9.75 for children and £12.00 for adults. Full zip fleeces are priced at £15.50 for children and £17.50 for adults.  Shower proof fleeces have a full zip and are priced at £21.00 for children and £23.00 for adults.

PE Kit consists of – T shirt which tucks into shorts, standard length shorts, socks, gym shoes (preferably with Velcro or elastic fastening for younger pupils) all kept in a gym bag. Your child will be provided with a Forgue School gym bag which is kept in school.

School Equipment

The school provides all of the books and equipment that your child will need to use in school, including a bag to carry school books.  Each child is also provided with an I-pad which they can take home after parents/guardians have attended a workshop and completed the necessary paperwork.  Many children like to bring their own pencil case and equipment. We would suggest the following pencil case contents – HB pencil(s), a ruler – marked in centimetres, a rubber and some colouring pencils. Children will also require a school bag to carry their belongings and equipment to and from school.

School Meals

Before lunch, the children wash their hands and proceed to the dining hall in a quiet and orderly fashion. Children sit at “family grouped” tables where we encourage the older pupils to help the younger ones and promote appropriate behaviour, manners etc. Children are encouraged to eat all of their lunch, but not forced. If we feel that a child is not eating enough at lunchtimes we will contact you.